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Electrician Answers Questions of Brooklyn & Queens Homeowners




How small of jobs do you handle? Our technicians are trained to perform your smallest projects, for example: replacing devices with new three prong or install dimmers, install new lighting high hats, replace non-UL listed breakers in your panel and adding any new circuit, outlet or switch that you desire to add value to your home.
Do you rewire doorbells? Yes, we can rewire or repair your doorbell system. Intercom systems, however, are out of our scope of work.
Do you wire boilers? Yes, we have specially trained men who can troubleshoot and wire boilers.
Do you install Plasma outlets? We specialize in small jobs, and older homes which might need a little more attention. We can update your outlets with Plasma.
Do you work after 6 p.m. and Saturdays? Yes, we understand how difficult it can be to upkeep home maintenance with both partners working, so we have technicians available Saturdays so you can make accurate decisions with your parter, spouse, or significant other.
Are you Licensed and Insured? Yes, and we also perform drug tests, background checks, and multiple written and hands-on tests so we are getting the right technician for your home or business. Candidates go through 2-3 interviews before being hired. Only 5-7% of resumes received qualify for hiring at CJE.
How long have you been in business? We are in business 9 years and we have a combined experience of over 100 years as a company.
My breaker/fuse keeps blowing, why? If your breaker or fuse keeps blowing you have a short in the line or an overloaded circuit. Our highly trained technicians will diagnose the problem quick and efficiently and will provide our competitive pricing to repair the problem.
Do you do Commercial Work? Yes, we have technicians trained in pipe bending, circuit planning, and all the other skills needed to install a complete, professional job for your customers.
Where are you located? We have our main facility in Brooklyn and our technicians take our oversized vehicles stocked with thousands of parts home daily so they can respond quickly and efficiently in all the boroughs, excluding Staten Island.
How soon can you come? Here at Christopher Jon Electrical, Inc. we understand how valuable your time is. Therefore, unlike other companies that just pull a time out of the air, we prefer to set a realistic time frame and stick to it.
How much do you charge per hour and materials? We do not charge by the hour because you would not know how much a repair will cost until the completion of the job. When you have an inexperienced, untrained electrician in your home this can get very costly. We charge by the job so you know how much the cost will be UP FRONT so you can budget accordingly. The price does not change no matter how long the job takes.
How are you different from other electricians? This requires a long explanation, so we have dedicated a seperate page to educate you on what to look out for in choosing the right electrician for your home or business.
How do I know your techs are trained? Our technicians carry feedback cards from previous clients rating their performance, certificates of technical trainings they have completed, and you have the Christopher’s promise that his Service staff are trained three days a week so your home is kept the way we found it.
How much experience does the owner have? Christopher has been an electrician for 19 years, beginning his trade experience at the age of 17 years old. He firmly believes that you should take care of your employees like you would want them to treat your best customer. Training, Discipline, and Leadership are part of the foundation of CJE.
Why don’t you charge time and materials? Wouldn’t you be a little hesitant about having a company in your home that might charge by the hour for work and other variables that they are not upfront about? We let you know everything upfront.
Can you do the job right there on the spot? Our oversized vehicles stocked with thousands of parts are designed to perform 90% of repairs and new installations on the spot. We suggest the purchase of specialty light fixtures before we come to your home or business. We highly recommend Lighting By Gregory for their high level of customer service.
Do you offer any Safety Programs. Absolutely, Safety and Protection are important to us. Be sure to follow the links and read all about our first class plans.

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