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Serving Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan

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“How Can We Serve You”

This is what you will hear every time you call us.

We are a service business dedicated to providing you with the most professional, yet cost effective solutions for your electrical needs.

We want your small jobs!

electrician, queens, brooklyn, nassau

What Every Parent Needs To

Know About Smoke Alarms

electrician, queens, brooklyn, manhattan, nassau

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electrician, queens, brooklyn, nassau


NY Metro #1 Customer Rated Residential Electrician


Do you need outdoor lighting installed?

Do you need to upgrade your electrical capacity?

Are your lights flickering?

Do you have an outlet that doesn’t work?

Do you need to add a new outlet?

Do you need to upgrade from 110V to 220V on an outlet?

Live in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens?

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►45% of our residential service business is from existing customers.►5% from friend referrals.►10% of our technician’s time is spent in training►We provide you an upfront quote before we start the work. ►We have only 1%-3% calls back percentage.►100% of the employees are background checked, drug tested and uniformed

with ID cards for you and your families safety.

►6%- 8% of electricians with previous experience qualify to work for CJE.

►90% of the work done for homeowners (not involving a co-op board or similar) can be started on the spot due to our oversized, well stocked trucks.

►We focus on serving Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.


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